Agusta-Bell 206B RC Helicopter in Scale 1:5.7 of the Greek Army Aviation


I have started this blog as an english-text alternative to a thread that I have opened in (modelclub forum in greek) regarding my project to build an RC scale model of an Agusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger II of the Hellenic Army (see unofficial site).

Now a few words about the project itself. The model is based on the fuselage provided by Vario (model 1004) in scale 1:5.7. There are very little differences between a Jet Ranger III (model kit) and an Agusta-Bell AB-206B Jet Ranger II that I needed for the project, so I decided to get the kit from Vario. The kit has been bought from one of the best specialists and professionals in the field, Mr Thomas Baumann who has helped me with making my choice of the model and its accessories (Helikopter Baumann). Thanks Thomas! I would also like to thank the team of eflight for their professional support not only for this construction but for all my RC models and accessories. In addition, I would like to thank the team from Innoflyer and especially Mr. Christophe Raible for the help with the lighting system and for letting me test a new CPL model before its official launch. I would like to add here the RC helicopter store and Johnny Trolliet at my hometown Renens for his exceptional service, availability and prices!

The particularity of this project is that the mechanism that I fit in the fuselage is not the one from Vario but a modified Align T-Rex 700E (Align RC Helicopters). I will give here details on the way that this is done with diagrams, photos, tips and tricks. This will cover the first part. The flight tests of the modified T-REX 700E have been conducted at the RC model field in Dizy, Switzerland that belongs to the Dizy RC Modelling Group (GAM Dizy). Big THANKS to all the members of the Club for the great friendliness since the first day I started there and for their help with advice and tips!

The second part will be dedicated to the scale model itself. Some photos of the Greek AB-206B can be found on the internet but they do not cover all the details. More photos of the aircraft with the Greek colors may be requested in the forum of where I have gotten most of them thanks to the team spirit and great friendliness of the members (THANKS^1000 dsamba!!!). In order to complete the photographic part of the project I managed to get my own photos of a Jet Ranger III. This has been made possible thanks to the courtesy of the people from Heli-Lausanne (Heli-Lausanne) who have immediately accepted my request to get there and take as many photos as I needed. A big THANKS to them too!!!
At the last phase of construction, I have got invaluable help for the dimensions of the AB-206B landing gear from Iraklis Karailidis. Many-many thanks to you Iraklis!

So after this short introduction I will start publishing the steps I have already taken and will take during this quite challenging project (at least for me, it is my first scale RC helicopter).

I hope that you will find this blog helpful if you have a similar (or the same) project as mine and you will enjoy it as much as I do!



New Z-axis for my mUVe DLP system


There was no new modelling activity during the last month because I have recently started the upgrade of the mechanics of my mUVe DLP 3D printer. I have chosen two linear drives from Igus with preloaded screws and a total displacement of 300mm. The axes come pre-assembled and they fit perfectly into the mUVe chassis with minor changes. The old axis is completely removed. Now I have to add the vat supports from the old microrax chassis and the mechanical endstop. I have switched my RAMPS 1.4 board to 1/16 stepping and now the most noisy part of the printer is its... cooling fan. I am planning to resume printing this week and I will post my new parts in a while.

Until then cheers,